Snupster% is a spinoff of “Any%” and “100%” which refer to speedrun rules. Snupster% follows a specific rule pattern for speedrunning. While the Snupster% is mostly used on Snupster races, it is also used when practicing or speedrunning the games solo.


You are free to use the term (and rules) of Snupster% anywhere, including YouTube and Twitch.


Leaderboards display the Top 10 times for each game. If your time doesn’t knock out the runner in the 10th place, your run won’t get added.



– Buster only through the robot master/maverick stages.

– All weapons/utilities allowed after robot master/maverick stages

– No glitches / zipping. Accidental glitches or zips that cause more harm than good are passable.

– Utilities allowed (anywhere) for powerup grabs such as lives, (weapon)energy etc. This also includes breaking walls with weapons if an item is enclosed within.

– You don’t have to 100% a game. This means that you can skip Yoku Man on MMU, or skip getting Beat in Mega Man 5 etc.



Snupster% rules, but get all collectibles or items / objectives that are needed to 100% the game.

(see for 100% objectives).


General Rules

– Anyone can submit


– Versions and regions will all fall into the same category. Thus, running Mega Man 2 (J) for example will get you a faster time because of shorter cutscenes. Versions will not be separated on the leaderboards.


– Emulators are allowed.


– Your video title must include the Snupster% variation that is being run in the footage. Exception: A race video with multiple people.


– Your video has to have a timer, based on real time. Timer starts from picking the first stage, and ends in the last frame when you can no longer control the game. Hours and minutes are required. If the timer is missing milliseconds, they will be automatically converted to 99. We don’t have time to analyze your time so don’t send us videos without a timer. The timer should stop when you end your run. You can later edit the video file to add and stop the timer.


– If you break the Snupster% rules during your run, it will be invalidated. Fixing a mistake and going back to the previous screen or part, keeps your run validated.


– Any further questions, reach out to us in Discord.


Game specific rules can be found by clicking the game title.

Submit your time:

Your run can be denied if the verifier finds that the run is too long in comparison to other runs. Don’t submit long runs with multiple game overs.