Snupsters Race Mega Man Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

A group of highly talented retro gamers turn against each other to race the classic Mega Man series. These races obey the “Snupster% rules”


Snupsters Race Deranged Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

Twisted, unexpected rules applied to retro games without the possibility of practice.

After the successful “Inverted Controls” episode, Deranged was here to stay. Twisted, unexpected rules are applied in an effort to make the Snupsters step out of their comfort zone.


Snupster Tactics Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

Take damage or kill anything, you lose a turn. Follow The Snupsters in this slower paced tactical game of the mind. One wrong move, and you’ll watch The Snupsters die while waiting to gain control again.


Snupsters Sidetracked Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

CO-OP, Versus Matches, Glitch Runs, ROM-Hacks, Specials, Reviews.


Snupsters’ Lab

Ever wondered how to pull off the Magnet Beam grab on a Buster Only run? No Miss Perfect Tutorials with instructions. Dissecting Robot Master AI and last but not least, explaining and testing various Mega Man Myths.


Snupsters’ Trash Can

Things you shouldn’t have seen. Outtakes, unpublished episodes and other clips we took from our trash can. No quality control.


This playlist gets updated with what we think have been the most hilarious episodes we’ve made.