Snupsters Race Mega Man Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

A group of highly talented retro gamers turn against each other to race the classic Mega Man series. These races obey the “Snupster% rules”


Snupsters Race Deranged Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

Twisted, unexpected rules applied to retro games without the possibility of practice.

After the successful “Inverted Controls” episode, Deranged was here to stay. Twisted, unexpected rules are applied in an effort to make the Snupsters step out of their comfort zone.


Snupster Tactics Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

Take damage or kill anything, you lose a turn. Follow The Snupsters in this slower paced tactical game of the mind. One wrong move, and you’ll watch The Snupsters die while waiting to gain control again.


Snupsters Sidetracked Snupsters Race Mega Man (2013) on IMDb

CO-OP, Versus Matches, Glitch Runs, ROM-Hacks, Specials, Reviews.


Snupsters’ Lab

Ever wondered how to pull off the Magnet Beam grab on a Buster Only run? No Miss Perfect Tutorials with instructions. Dissecting Robot Master AI and last but not least, explaining and testing various Mega Man Myths.


Snupsters’ Trash Can

Things you shouldn’t have seen. Outtakes, unpublished episodes and other clips we took from our trash can. No quality control.


Say Moonwalk, and everyone will go “Oh yeah”. Watch as The Snupsters travel through Mega Man 2 backwards using Game Genie. Things get chaotic when the crew gets to Flash Man’s stage and realize the only way up to his gate is using Item-1.

A weapon which you lay down, wait for it to explode to find out it deals shit for damage. What could be worse? You get limited weapon energy for it. The boys try to fix it by giving themselves unlimited weapon energy. Does it make the Hyper Bombs better?

Game Genie is a bitch. The boys make the game harder by using cheats. Bullet bills, goombas and koopa troopas all throw hammers. Plants get out of the pipes and several other enemies possess the properties of the Hammer Brothers. Can the game even be completed?

Using Rush Marine only wasn’t so simple as the crew thought. Shooting from your feet instead of the buster and constantly landing Rush causes major issues. Does the run end at Motharaya or do they find a way around it? Mojoric joins the episode as a guest star.

The Snupsters go on and prove a point. Top Spin is not the worst weapon in Mega Man 3, Spark Shock is. It deals no damage and most of the enemies are immune to its freeze effect. If you thought the Hyper Bombs, Power Stone or Top Spin are bad, watch this episode and put things into perspective. The crew is joined by MegaPhilX.

The Snupsters never thought that this run could take up to four hours. Frog Suit is the only power-up that is allowed during this run. This creates huge problems for the racers and by the end, some of the members go insane while they are being assisted by the Summer Stream chat.

The episode that changed the way The Snupsters race today. A classic case of “RNG” ruining runs. Watch the emotional run of the crew racing Mega Man 9 for the first time ever.

toppitFinally, a true melee mode! Right? This episode was the first kind to go through a completely refreshed commentary.

Dale has turned into a vegetable and the Snupsters must carry him through all the levels in the NES version of the Rescue Rangers. Stage E proves to be the biggest challenge when the guys try their best to get Dale through the level alive.

A glitch that allows you to beat the game in just seconds. Spawn Yellow Devil to Ice Man’s stage. Play stages that don’t really exist. Get epilepsy. This is just a fraction of things that can happen with the Ice Man glitch.