Over these years we’ve had some guests over on our show such as MegaPhilX, Mojoric, DanVanDam and lady_smaell. If you would like to appear as a guest star on the show, don’t hesitate to contact us after reading this page. Being a guest on our show is also the first step to becoming a Snupster. You can also just visit our show without ever becoming a Snupster if you so desire.


If any of the following doesn’t apply to you, you are not in a position to apply being a guest:

– I’m available to record during Sundays at 7AM +3GMT (or in rare cases 7PM +3GMT) up to 3 hours.
– I’m a self-reliant adult in a position to sign legally binding agreements. I’m at least 25 years of age.
– I have experience on retro games. I’m not afraid of profanities or dark humor and I have watched at least couple of the episodes to know what to expect.
– I know how to record HD video in 60 fps. OBS and/or Fraps aren’t new to me. My internet connection allows me to upload and send large files with ease.
– I use a controller.
– I know my way around retro games on my computer. I’m willing to change software if needed.
– I know how to use Mumble or I will learn how to use it.
– I don’t have a language barrier.
– I’m in no way impatient and am willing to receive instructions and critique. I’m open to try new things for the show.
– My microphone output is very clear. (Blue Snowball / Blue Yeti are good choices.)
– I don’t have much background noise coming from my apartment OR I know how to use Voice Activity / Push to Talk features in Mumble while playing.
– I will actively follow and post to the discussion forums once I get access.


If you passed all of that, congratulations! Our Snupster, Candybars for example, has gone through the process.

Contact him if you’d wish to know more. You can also send him an informal application and we’ll go from there. After you have been accepted as a guest, you will receive a contract to sign followed by forum credentials to setup the date and time for the recording.

Every guest and Snupster has to sign a legally binding online contract where they accept the common terms of Snupster, as well as the terms for using the Member Area of our site. In layman’s terms, you promise not to share our passwords.


If the group feels like you would be a good addition to the team, they might invite you in full-time, meaning that you become a part of the family. Snupsters are only invited to the group, there is no way to apply directly. How long this process takes, is set on an individual level.

The process of becoming a Snupster starts with a guest appearance, or in some instances, multiple guest appearances. From there, we decide whether to invite the applicant back to become more of a regular face on our episodes. This is where the applicant receives the Snupster stance and is officially part of the group. Becoming a Snupster can take from a few months up to a year.

Becoming a Snupster can be a long road and requires a lot of technical understanding in addition to hanging around with us. Being a Snupster does not require you to be an expert on Mega Man or anything else. Being a Snupster does not require you to being available every weekend. You can simply jump in on an episode when you feel like it. It only requires good chemistry between you and the group. Being a casual speedrunner is only a plus. Keep in mind that we require the minimum age of 25 to apply as a guest. Let’s not make things weird.

That being said, doing the show can be very rough at times and we perform some of the most insane challenges. Ability to endure stress is required. Being a part of this family also requires that you understand what it is to record for an audience. The experience can be closely compared to making a TV-show, just for the internet. There are recording standards and norms which you need to constantly keep in mind.

It is also important to realize that sometimes the chemistry between the family members and new applicants doesn’t work and that can terminate the whole process. It is not personal, but it’s fundamental for our YouTube channel that everyone gets along. It’s called a “family” after all.

We reserve the right to change these policies at any point.