Some of the best Mega Man racers get together and battle for Season victories with their own rules. Have you ever wondered how hard it is to play Mega Man with Hyper Bombs only? What about only using the Power Adapter in Mega Man 6? Can you complete the original Super Mario Bros. if every enemy is throwing hammers? Watch as the easy robot masters get ridiculously difficult in the classic Mega Man series.

The Snupsters are known for their insane challenges and races. Individually they are known for their No Miss challenge on Mega Man games. You can stop looking for good retro content channels. High quality 1080p60 video, high quality microphones and the best racing layout in YouTube make us worth the watch.


Nico Thulin creates a web series online where he completes the classic Mega Man series on the Nintendo Entertainment System with mind-breaking rules: He must wield Mega Man’s default weapon, mega buster only, not get hit once and not miss a shot.

Three other individuals find him online and follow in his footsteps performing the same challenge. They quickly feel like a family and create their own community called Snupster, where they perform insane runs on retro games. They decide to turn against each other and race the classic Mega Man series and see who the true king of the bunch is. There is no end in sight.


What does snupster mean and how did you come up with it? How did you get started?

For these and similar questions, we suggest that you check out our first podcast.

I want to become a Snupster.

Click here.

I want to challenge you or be a guest on an episode!

Neat! Check the Guests -page.

Can you review or play my fan game on the show?

Depends. Contact us if you wish to send us an early beta copy or just a link in general. If your game truly is unique and not another Mega Man done in the same engine as the rest of the fan games, we’ll have a higher chance of playing it.

We consider Mega Man Unlimited the holy grail of fan games, so that is a good comparison of what we desire.

I find your content offensive. I recently stumbled upon my child watching your videos. This content is not suitable for children.

No, it’s definitely not. That’s why you should keep an eye on your child while he or she is on the internet. Our videos come with a disclaimer at the beginning of the video to warn the viewer about our content. As a parent, rest of the work rests on your shoulders.

You’re not that good. You don’t compare to actual speedrunners.

The difference between us, and hardcore speedrunners is that they often only play and master one to three games, whereas we try to be good or at least decent in all of the Mega Man games.

I keep sending you suggestions on what to race, but how can I be sure you read my ideas and remember them later?

We have started to get ideas through the comment section in YouTube, but for us that is very hard to keep track on. Imagine we’re sitting by our round-table, pondering about ideas on what to race. We don’t have time to go through every individual video we’ve done to search for possible comments that contain ideas. Instead, submit your ideas through this website. From the “Shout” page, you can leave your ideas and they all are saved into the same file we often look at. Remember, if we pick your idea, you get a prize and a shout-out.

You all come from different countries, how do you manage your schedules to record?

We record on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Finnish time. That seems to work for everyone.

Is there a discussion forum somewhere?

No forum, but we have a Discord. Check the Community page!

How do you get all of your screens on the same layout like that? How did you do different robot masters from different games on the same episode?

The magic of video editing.

Will you ever do this or that game?

Don’t know. Leave us suggestions through the “Shout” page. You just might see your suggestion!

Will you ever do Mega Man X?

Coming in Season 4!

Why do you ignore my messages on social media or in the comment section in YouTube?

We don’t ignore anyone. It’s very time consuming to do full-time jobs, live our lives and run snupster at the same time. If you don’t have a straight up question, chances are we’ve seen your message but haven’t gotten enough time to respond. We read a lot of our comments though, we’ve probably seen your message!


What’s with the ketchup? I keep hearing Mickey Mouse?
This page is devoted to Snupster Trivia! Keep checking for new trivia every month!

AltimaMantoid ‘goes on fifteen’.

A tragic mishap that took place on the pilot episode of ‘snupsters race Mega Man’. Countdown for the race took place. Nico and shikaroxen went on time. Altima kept waiting on stage select for about fifteen seconds until finally starting the race himself. The reason behind this was that Altima was looking at Nico’s and shikaroxen’s live streams of the race, and because of the fifteen second lag on the stream, Altima’s brain told him to wait until he saw Nico and shikaroxen actually go. By that time, he realized what had already happened. After joining snupster, Fellon made a joke of this mishap on the Season 1 Mega Man 4 race, that Altima goes on fifteen when others go on ‘go’. The snupsters still make jokes about the accident.

At least you still have your cat

Whenever Altima has bad luck, messes up on some stage or has problems in the races in general, Nico sometimes tries to make it better by saying “At least you still have your cat” to which Altima always replies “I don’t have a cat!!”. After the first instance of this joke, it became a running gag.

Bullshit Counter

Originally the counter was made for shikaroxen to see how much he overuses the term “Bullshit!”. The counter would make a ding sound after every instance. The count became so high the counter exploded. Since then, the machine has been re-purposed and fixed. Till it broke again.

Do we go on ‘1’, or do we go on ‘go’?

Nico asked this particular question on the pilot episode of ‘snupsters race Mega Man’, wanting clarification on the precise moment the race would start. The snupsters still make this quote a reoccurring subject of laughter on many episodes.

Don’t (you) fucking hit me!

This quote comes from Nico’s Case: Mega Man episode, Flash Man. Nico had no clue that Flash Man has a pattern, so instead of knowing what he did, he kept trying to avoid Flash Man’s Time Stopper the best he could, while shouting “Don’t you fucking hit me!”. This line became a regular on our races, shouted by everyone

Flash! Ah-Aah!

This is a reference to the song ‘Flash’, by Queen. Occasionally the snupsters just burst singing the beginning of the song: “Flash! Ah-Aah!”. Most likely when Flash Man is mentioned. The snupsters have no idea why the song plays in their heads.

Front Runner curse

The snupster who got awarded the front runner banner, always came on 3rd place. This happened three times in a row after the feature was added making it a curse according to snupsters.

Jump Mechanics

You can often hear the snupsters complain about the jump mechanics during Mega Man 6. Sometimes when you press the jump button it just doesn’t work, often killing you when you fall down a pit.


Ketchup is a reoccurring pun that appears in almost every race. Originally ketchup was misheard as “Catch up”, referring to a racer catching up to the other racers. Since then, everytime a snupster mentions that he is catching up, the others tell him that they love ketchup. No matter what brand.


Started as an April Fools. A video was put up explaining how Fellon was fired due to others finding out that “he had been using his Korean friend, Kyung-sook to play for him”. Ever since this fictional character was mentioned, it has entered the Snupsters’ lives and episodes. In March 2016, the Snupsters decided that whenever doing a first impressions -video and if footage was to fail, Kyung-sook would be used as a “replacement” to show some footage in the failed recordings’ place.

I fell down on the Mecha Dragon! Fuck my life!

On Season 2, Mega Man 2, Nico fell down and died on the Mecha Dragon. Instead of continuing like normal, he ran away from the microphone to the other room. Snupsters still ask him regularly if he’s going to die on the Mecha Dragon.

I was watching a YouTube video

While reading the ending screen of Chip ‘n Dale: The Rescue Rangers, Fellon quickly stops reading and states that he has been watching a YouTube video the whole time instead of racing himself. This joke never gets old to the snupsters.

I would of won had I not died X times..

After a race is done, you’ll often hear Altima say he would of won had he not died X times and messed up here and there. A meme was born, “I would of won had I not lost!”

I thought it was Wave next! – I’m AltimaMantoid and I like Doom!

The infamous first appearances of the helium voiced quotes by Nico. Some still think he either inhales helium or uses tools to make this voice, he has denied the rumor.

I’m Fellon and…

It seems that ever so often Fellon gets interrupted by others when he is introducing himself. Go figure.

Mianus is a happy place.

Yes, it’s a name of a place. Get over it. Heheh…Mianus..

Mickey Mouse

After the snupsters figured out that AltimaMantoid can do a spot on Mickey Mouse impression, Mickey has been around since in many forms, quotes, lines and impressions.

My recording just crashed

When the snupsters started doing races somewhat inexperienced over a year ago, shikaroxen would often say “my recording just crashed!” and everyone knew their efforts were no longer worth nothing. It has become an on-going gag to say “my recording just crashed!” even though that is usally not the case anymore.

Nobody dies at the bubble boss.

A major accident took place on the Season 2 Mega Man 1 race, where Nico jinxed Fellons run by politely asking if he could die to one of the upcoming bosses. He also mentioned that ‘nobody dies at the bubble boss, I have never seen that happen’. Soon Fellon reached the ‘bubble boss’, ran out of Guts blocks on it and died. The bubble boss, also known as CWU-01P is the third Wily Fortress Boss and is considered very easy.

Peanut Butter

Snupsmas Day 6. Go watch it.


This quote comes from AltimaMantoid. It’s from the episode ‘snupsters race – XMAS Special (Episode 4)’. Without hesitation, Altima made up the following quote: “I love pudding….pudding it in your ass!” and cracking up in laughter straight afterwards. Since then, pudding has been a reoccurring theme in many races. The snupsters like to remind everyone of this quote by simply saying “I love pudding!”.

Rape by shyguy

On the Mario 2 race, shikaroxen popped the party by yelling “Oh no! I got raped!….Shy….guy” When a shyguy killed him. AltimaMantoid commented on the phrase by questioning how shy the shyguy actually was. It became a running gag on several episodes.

Texas & Tennessee, same shit different name.

Shikaroxen seems to think Altima is from Texas, not Tennessee. When reminded, he responds them being the same thing.

The Last Crab

The Last Crab is the final falling crab on Bubble Man’s stage that can hit you if you keep running. A story goes, that some accidents have taken place at that precise spot. Often mentioned by the snupsters, it’s an ongoing gag.

They call me the Flash…even in bed.

Also appearing on the pilot episode of the ‘snupsters race Mega Man’, AltimaMantoid was wondering how Nico and shikaroxen were keeping up with him. Shikaroxen quickly answered “They call me the Flash….even in bed.” Stories about The Flash and Quick Man were made. Never forget.

Where is Fellon?

When asked about his progression on the race, he often states that he is at the end of the game when the race has just started. He lies to us a lot.