In 2010, following the footsteps of RoahmMythril, Nico from The Retro Job decided to repeat Roahm’s Mega Man Perfect challenge with a twist: No Miss. Case: Mega Man was born.

Soon Nico noticed another personality, Shikaroxen contacting him about the challenge. He picked it up. Nico and Shikaroxen kept communicating.

In 2011, we got a message from AltimaMantoid, asking if he could start the same challenge. "Why not", we pondered.

Nico, Altima and Shikaroxen got to know each other and felt like group. Nico decided to establish snupster to make it official.

The snupsters had already experimented with racing Mega Man together, so Fellon was invited to be a guest star on one of the races since he also had started the challenge himself.

It was then, when we knew he was one of us. and here we are, the four of us, many races and videos later in 2014. The real journey has just started as we continue to expand our territory.

Nowadays we love racing, playing and doing deranged twists on retro games without forgetting our individual Mega Man challenges. Deep down we are masochists, so expect our content to be hardcore. You can stop looking for good retro content channels.

We have high quality HD video, high quality microphones and the videos in general are well organized. You won't find another channel with as comic, competitive and fresh content as ours.

Our most watched series is 'snupsters race Mega Man', where we have special rules we go by, one of them being Buster Only. We don't mess around with glitches, clipping and all that nonsense. This makes the races easy to follow, even if you haven't seen the game before.

You can follow all of our retro video game content through our YouTube channel. For the individual Mega Man challenges, be sure to subscribe to all of us. You can subcribe to the individual snupsters on the "Members" tab.


We are currently not looking for additional snupsters, as we are a four people group. However, we are looking for 'snuptitutes'. If you feel like your personality would fit our group, please shoot us an email and tell us about yourself.

Snupstitutes will make regular appearances on our races, filling up empty slots should they appear. This allows us to play something that someone from the main cast doesn't want to play. Snuptitutes will also jump in when a snupster can't make it to a race. A snupstitute can't however, replace someone on 'snupsters race Mega Man'.

If you would like to appear as a guest star on our races or any other series you find fitting, don't hesitate to contact us.

As a fan, you have control on our show. You can vote for the front runners on our races, get into giveaways for free Steam games and even tell us if a series we have is good or not, and we just might enhance or even remove it.

We love our fans and we will listen to each and every one. Because of that, you don't need to create an account or anything. Just join us on YouTube and participate on the activities you want here on!


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