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How does 'Bubble Lead Only' sound? How about Mega Man 2 upside down? Watch as the crew descents into madness.


Some of the Snupsters are talented players. Some are there just to crack jokes, but they're all in this together.

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Nico Thulin
Managing Director

Nobody can possibly live up to the level of greatness that is Nico’s opinion of himself. He thinks he's a "Mega Man Critic" despite the fact that 20 years of his experience comes from Mega Man 4. 

Rules are not important to Nico, unless he's winning. Absurd ideas aren't anything new coming from this guy, as he considers a soft lock a successful challenge.

Casey Alvis
Advertising & Promotions

Somehow always ending up in third place, Altima is the most consistent member of the family. He began his speedrunning exploits with the Doom franchise. It's the place he always goes back to when he's having trouble beating Gemini Man.

If you're looking for a new snack to try, check out his Emmy Award winning series on the Food Network, The Altimat.

Chris Batten

Realizing that people are notoriously unreliable and unpredictable, the Snupsters acquired an artificial intelligence, Fellon. The main objective of this was to turn the games into true binary form.

What Fellon lacks in personality, he more than makes up for in apathy. He is a ruthless Mega Man racer; If Fellon does have emotions, he saves them for this game series.

Jason Palmer

The only member that doesn't actually play Mega Man. He often questions why he is kept around, but as the bread crumbs kept vanishing from under the Snupsters' desks, they knew they made the right call.

When the apocalypse comes and you're forced to rely on a combination of echolocation and the roaring sound of chainsaws, Kitsune is the only viable solution. Having showered with his Nintendo Entertainment System, Kitsune isn't fearful to try new things. When he hears "Mario", he has already checked in.

Leah Ronan

Lady Smaell, Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Snupster, Countess of Footholders. Lady is into BDSM in video game form or that's what the others believe, putting her into the most insane challenges they can come up with. She never says no.

As chivalry dictates, the men of Snupster have made it their honorable duty to push her ever closer to rage-quitting each race as well as prevent her from dying in a horrible high speed chase through a French motorway tunnel.

Philippe Poulin

The only member of the team with real world talent, MegaPhilX’s addition to the team brought credibility to an objectively ridiculous channel of useless morons.

This is evidenced by both his creation of Mega Man Unlimited, as well as his countless hours of practice before each race. Nearly perfect in every way, his one critical handicap is the fact that he’s French, probably. Comes with a sound board.

Adam Wick

Radman lives life to the fullest on a steady diet of poke berries, cheap vodka and the hearts of his enemies. If you see him coming, you want to turn around and run, because he is not fast, and you will probably get away fairly easily.

Radman's dedication to the channel is admirable, having torn down his walls and replacing them with foam to boost his audio quality. His connection might be coming from a third world country, but that has never stopped his successful career of being a nobody on the internet.

Tom Lyman
Snupster% Manager

There’s a new sheriff in town. Nobody enforces race rules with more enthusiasm or vigor than this fellow. If it's possible to do, it has to be done. That's right, nobody likes Tom.

He likes to play pathetic ROM hacks in an attempt to gather an audience for his cute little live stream. Lover of memes, he will ridicule you for not knowing about the most important ones. Snupsters still keep him around for his one liners.

Andrew Dykes

I'm sorry what? Another Mario runner, yet he still doesn't know the difference between a Castle and a Fortress. Zargon will race Mega Man when we tell him to, and he'll gladly take last place. If the heavy breathing is an indicator, we would say he's still having a blast.

When he isn't running an RPG nobody has heard of, he's kicking everyone's ass doing push-ups. We never told him this isn't a gym. He's been exercising non-stop for two years now.

John Michaud
Editor, Family Supervisor

Not content with airing competitive races, the Snupsters added Buzzmonkey to stink up the joint. The oldest member of the team by age, his slow reflexes, flawed memory and need for frequent bathroom breaks have unfortunately left him at a disadvantage to the rest of the group. That, and he sucks at video games.

Fortunately, his ability to sound like other members of the team, intentional or not, mean that others in the race can get ridiculed in his place.

Francis Pepin

It's quite remarkable how many alcohol bottles one man can knock over, especially when he does all of his gaming sitting on the floor. Still learning basic English pronunciations, Butz comes out as a fantastic mascot for Snupster. Clueless and broken, but always there to jump head first into trouble when provoked.

His mannerisms might fool the others, as you can still be a competent racer even if you have trouble talking. He calls himself a speedrunner. That's cute.

Jeremy Housdan

[Inactive Member]


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